Fiercely Independent.

Committed Collaborators.




Working For You.

Our Provenance.

A unique perspective and blend of experiences serves as the bedrock of Provenance Hill Consulting.

We've walked in your boots - as a business owner, executive and leader.

It's why Martha Sullivan, our founder and President, created Provenance Hill:

To help leaders like you grow sustainable and transferable value in your company and achieve your dreams. 

Our Resilience.

Martha has faced the challenging decisions head-on, turned struggling companies around, and helped owners find the path that fits their goals. 

She's worked in two large family-owned businesses as well as multi-owner, privately held enterprises, witnessing first-hand and navigating the dynamics of running these successful enterprises. 

This drives our passion for helping privately held businesses, and their owners, reach their goals to grow, and ultimately transition, their business.

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Our Clients.

Working together means meeting our collective goals.  To ensure a good fit and working relationship, Provenance Hill works with clients that meet the following characteristics:

Going Somewhere
Paddling in circles isn’t any fun.  You want to go somewhere.  Most of our clients are established manufacturing, distribution, construction or professional services firms whose owner, like you, wants to take the company in one of two directions:
-    Let’s grow to the next level!
-    It's time for the next adventure so let’s exit this business! 

Ready, Willing & Able
Either direction - growing a company to its next level or readying it for transition - demands effort and an openness to change.  Our clients are up to this challenge.  They bring an open mind and are willing to make things happen.

Mutual Respect
Any good relationship begins from a position of mutual respect, integrity and honesty.  We genuinely want each other to succeed.

Our clients hire us because they seek an independent perspective, honest, straight feedback and a respectful instigator for change.

Good & Fun
Yes, our clients are businesses.  But more important, they are good people leading their companies with a spirit of caring and service. They address serious matters while maintaining a sense of humor and not taking themselves too seriously. 

We enjoy each others company.


We respect the fact that, as a savvy business owner, you work with many different types of advisors.  We do too.  Together, we arrive at better outcomes.


A unique blend of skills and credentials - certified public accountant, valuation analyst, exit planning and merger & acquisitions (M&A) advisory acumen. 


Provenance Hill Consulting, LLC is independently owned and operated.  We are not affiliated with any one CPA, wealth advisory or M&A firm. 

We work for you.

Our Founder


Founder & President

Martha has Midwestern sensibilities, decades of executive leadership and advisory experience and a wicked sense of humor.

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