What's best for the family.  What's right for the business.

About The Family Business Consulting Group

The Family Business Consulting Group (FBCG) is a team of consultants dedicated to serving the families leading business enterprises together.  

We understand the importance of family businesses and the unique challenges they face. We’ve guided thousands of families around the world to work together to achieve a unified vision. And continue on the path to thrive for generations to come.

Martha Sullivan is proud to be a Consultant with FBCG.

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Learn Together

FBCG offers a wide variety of learning opportunities on a whole host of topics, including:

  • Family Governance
  • Next Gen Development
  • Succession
  • Governance

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Succession & Continuity

Build a bridge to the next generation with a solid plan and peace of mind.

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Strategic Planning

Your family and business have different goals. Plan for both.


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Owner Alignment

Unite ownership.
Empower management.
Lead with vision.


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Develop Your Next Gen 

Prepare the next leaders for the rewarding job of guiding a family enterprise.

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Achieving Ownership Alignment on Financial Goals

The most important responsibilities of owners of a family business is to contribute to the success of both the business and the family. They must do so in a variety of ways, including having good governance,  communication, and clear financial goals.

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Money Talks: Financial Conversations for Family Businesses

Money touches every aspect of our lives yet having discussions around financial matters is uncomfortable for families.  In this article by Martha Sullivan and Aileen Miziolek, we explore ways to make these conversation a bit easier.

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NextGens Stepping Up as “NowGens” in Family Businesses

Read this article from colleague Dr. Jeremy Lurey, PhD full of ideas on how your Next Gen leaders can step into their role as a member of the leading gen.

The time is now.

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