Exit Planning -  It's What We Do.

Because it's simply good business strategy.

Your Exit is More Than Just a Transaction.  It's a Transformation.

Ownership changes are a big deal.

Too many advisors see ownership transition as a transaction.  That’s it.
We think differently.
It is a transformation - for you, as its owner, and your family, and all your employees, customers and suppliers.
Your outcome is directly related to your readiness.

Take Flight & Soar

Whether you are a member of the "Now Generation" or "Next Generation," related to the owner or simply a colleague, you take flight in new skies when you're a part of an ownership transition.

You want a plan to set you on your way;

A flight plan that connects you to what matters most, what you want to achieve and the best direction forward.

And a trusted advisor that knows how it works.

Your Flight Path


There's a big difference between thinking you're "ready" and actually being ready.  It comes down to a matter of fact.

You know the business can successfully transfer and flourish after you walk away. You can financially afford to transition out.  You won't be a lost soul after you put down the champagne glass.

Or not.

Readiness takes time. Our disciplined, integrated processes smooth the way.

Check Your Readiness


Transformation takes many forms, just as there are many alternative paths for transitioning your company to its next owner.

To set your best course forward, you know you should investigate and evaluate which alternatives may apply.  Getting started and navigating the complexities, however, can be daunting.

You don't need to do it alone.

Or without a plan.  Let Provenance Hill support you to design your transformation.

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Every ownership transformation includes a transaction filled with complexities most owners have never worked through before.

That's where Provenance Hill comes in.  We are experienced M&A and Exit Planning professionals.  More important, we are independent and agnostic as to your chosen exit path.

Let us guide you.

Our process is both controlled and customized to meet your specific needs.  You can do this!

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According to the Exit Planning Institute:

Over 70% of owners plan to exit their company by 2028, if not sooner.


93% say “having a transition strategy is important to my future and the future of my business”. 


Yet 80% have no written transition plan & 60%  are unfamiliar with their transition options.  


Set Yourself Apart.

Let Your Transformation Begin.

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