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State of Owner Readiness

As a business owner, you may wonder how you compare with other owners getting ready to exit.  We did too!

We led the Wisconsin Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute's WI State of Owner Readiness Survey.  The findings were fascinating and compelling.  Check it out.

Then scroll down and take it yourself!

State of Owner Readiness Survey Results

Your Next Chapter

A big part of being ready for exit involves having something waiting on the other side of the door.  A favorite book of ours on the topic is: 

Transitioning from the Top: Personal Continuity Planning for the Retiring Family Business Leader

About the Book

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Finance Council

Selling A Business Is More Than A Transaction, It's A Transformation

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Why Every Business Needs An Exit Plan


Finding the Calm in the Storm

Exit Planning Institute Whitepaper



Advance Iowa - University of Northern Iowa Podcast

Martha joins Jeff Stein from Totally Iowa Media and Advance Iowa to discuss Compensation in Family Business

A Nontraditional CPA Career Path with Martha Sullivan

Martha joins Valerie Zaric on the Future-Proof Career podcast to talk about the importance of financial literacy throughout a business.

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