Giving Back




Life is filled with blessings and moments of grace.

We honor these gifts by giving back to our community.



Healthy Businesses Depend on Healthy & Safe Communities

Below are wonderful organizations that contribute to the strength of our community through their respective commitments to the health and welfare of families.  We pledge a percentage of our annual profits to these and other community-building organizations.

Please join us in our support of their efforts.

alzheimer's association

Alzheimer's is the only major cause of death that presently has no cure, way to slow its progression or actively prevent.  It robs our loved ones of their memory, clarity and vitality and, at the same time, takes a significant toll on the families it touches - physically, emotionally and financially.

In fact, the financial toll of Alzheimer's on a household can be devastating.  Not only does the person living with the disease lose the ability to earn a living but their caregivers are faced with a choice of quitting their own work or investing in expensive care for their loved one.

Our founder, Martha Sullivan, has walked this journey with family and friends, which drives her commitment to finding the first survivor.  Martha presently serves on the Board of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and is a part of its Executive Committee.

Get Involved to End Alz


People of color face many disparities, none of which are more personal than the health disparities they confront every day. 

For example, babies born to African-American mothers in Dane County are two times more likely than white infants to be born with low birth weights, which puts them at risk of significant health challenges.  Wisconsin ranks the worst in the nation for Black infant mortality.  There are other disparities as well - heart disease, diabetes and greater morbidity with COVID-19.

Through innovative, thoughtful programs and initiatives, The Foundation For Black Women's Wellness seeks to support families in our community while illuminating and driving greater accountability, equity and effectiveness in the health care of Black women and girls. 

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