Finding True Value Workshops

One-of-a-kind workshop series for business owners and their next generation leaders

Serious Fun

Our six-session series connects you with up to ten other business owners where we explore what creates and drives the value of your business. 


We kick it up, connect, learn from each other and have fun cheering each other on.


Peer-to-peer conversations like no other.


Learn Together

Meeting with peers once a month, you learn, practice and set in motion a way of thinking that will change your business forever.

Valuable Community

After graduating from our one-of-a-kind workshop experience, you are invited to join the exclusive Finding True Value Community.

Stay connected to other alumni

Share ideas 

Challenge and encourage one another

Stay on track. 

"We understood how to run a business going into it.


Attending the sessions opened our eyes to a whole new level of understanding how our business could be run and ultimately increasing the value for when we want to sell our business. 

We would definitely recommend the sessions to others. In fact, we are considering sending our kids.”

Dave Dohrman, President/GM | DAD Manufacturing, Inc.

Your Workshop Experience

A Company's True Value

Understand, Safeguard, Grow, Transition and Integrate your business value and legacy.

Virtually Connected

Work.  Wealth.  You.  It's all connected.  Delivered virtually.

Universally Practical

Learn practical & universal truths you can apply, no matter your company's size.


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These powerful workshops build a deeper understanding of how business value is created and the levers you can pull to accelerate its growth.Ā Ā 

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Payment Option One

$950.00 USD

Top features

Connect with like-minded peers

Pay in Full

Payment Option Two

$167.00 USD per mo. for 6 months

Build a more transferable company

Pay Monthly

Corporate Team Sessions!


The Finding True Value program is also available for your company's leadership team. 

We work with you to co-design the program to fit your objectives and help expand your leaders' understanding of how their work impacts the value and long-term sustainability of the business.  Email us at [email protected] for more information.

"The Finding True Value workshop sessions are absolutely beneficial to any company in helping to understand it’s true worth. Any business can benefit from attending these sessions as it is imperative to know the health and wellness of your business at any juncture, but I would especially recommend business owners looking to retire in the next few years attend these sessions.”

Al Bachmann, President  | Bachmann Construction



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Fellow business owner.   Experienced leader. 

Value growth professional.

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